Choosing a low allergy garden

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Choosing a low allergy garden

I love to look at a colourful flowering garden but my husband gets terrible seasonal pollen allergies and hay fever with many traditional flowering plants. That's why I have been looking at low allergy options so that we can both have the type of garden that we love in our home. This blog has some tips on the kinds of plants that I have found that grow well in the Australian climate while emitting low levels of pollen. I hope it is useful to other Aussies who are trying to plan a beautiful garden while dealing with seasonal allergies and hay fever.


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Factors to Consider When Purchasing Landscape Supplies

If you are planning to buy landscape supplies and have done some research, you know how costly these materials can be. However, this doesn't mean that you should give up or choose to go for low-quality supplies to meet your objective. The key to getting the best landscaping supplies is to gather all the necessary information you require to make informed decisions. This post shares several essential factors you should consider.

Know the supplies you require

It would be a mistake to shop for landscape supplies blindly. Other than overspending, you will likely buy the wrong materials or supplies you don't need. So, before you hit the stores, create a list of the supplies you require as well as their features. Bring the list with you, so you don't end up buying the wrong materials. The list will also act as a reminder in case your budget doesn't allow you to get all the materials you need

Then, talk to a friend who has purchased these items before or a landscaping expert if it's your first time to buy these supplies. Other than getting recommendations for the best supplies and their features, you'll be directed to different places where you can find quality products.

Go for quality products

Most people are often tempted to buy low-quality materials, especially if they have a low budget so they can buy everything they require. While this might seem like a smart move, it will be costly in the long run. So unless you are sure you're getting a quality product, do not choose any of the materials because they are cheap. It's advisable to procure a few quality supplies, and since many stores sell landscape supplies, it shouldn't be challenging to get the best deals.

Also, don't buy your supplies in the first shop you find. Search for several dealers, and if you find the supplies you require, be sure to compare the rates before buying. Also, ask about product warranty so that you can return the supplies if things don't work as expected.

Buy from reputable dealers

While finding a reliable and trustworthy landscaping supplies dealer isn't always easy, it is worth it. This is mostly essential if you intend to buy the supplies regularly. So, take your time and search for the best shops or warehouses. Check out their websites or even visit them in person to check out their products and how they conduct themselves while doing business. If you choose to buy your supplies online, consider reading customer reviews to know if the supplier is trustworthy. Look for a store that sells landscaping supplies near you to start your search.