Choosing a low allergy garden

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Choosing a low allergy garden

I love to look at a colourful flowering garden but my husband gets terrible seasonal pollen allergies and hay fever with many traditional flowering plants. That's why I have been looking at low allergy options so that we can both have the type of garden that we love in our home. This blog has some tips on the kinds of plants that I have found that grow well in the Australian climate while emitting low levels of pollen. I hope it is useful to other Aussies who are trying to plan a beautiful garden while dealing with seasonal allergies and hay fever.


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Small but warm: Three firewood storage tips for your tiny home

Tiny home living requires a true commitment to a minimalist lifestyle, however there are some things that you need to keep on hand for your daily living- food, water and firewood included. If you're struggling to find the space for your firewood supply in your tiny home, check out these three tips to help you store your firewood for ease and convenience.

Keep your pile tiny

If you simply don't have the storage space- inside or out- for a truckload full of firewood, don't despair. A tiny home doesn't require a large supply of firewood to warm over winter. If you have an efficient fireplace with a fan and exposed flue then your firewood supply can be much smaller than the average homeowner. Keeping your firewood pile small is the first step for tiny home firewood storage, making it easier to find the space and also eliminating the risk of a summer wood pile becoming a snake or pest haven. To get the most out of a smaller load of firewood, make sure you purchase a dense, quality wood such as red gum that has been well-seasoned and cut to manageable log sizes.

Channel your inner artist

The natural beauty of timber brings a warmth to every home, so take advantage of this inbuilt ambient feature of your firewood and display it for all to see! Making your firewood into an artistic feature is a wonderful way of getting more out of your storage solution. Whether you dedicate a small cubby inside your tiny home to an artful arrangement of twigs and small logs, or your whole firewood pile outdoors is contained in an artistic frame, the only limit for artistically arranging your firewood is your imagination.

Build a tiny home for your wood pile

Sometimes a tiny home simply cannot contain all the things that you need, particularly when it comes to seasonal changes. That's okay! Embrace the needs of your tiny home, and accommodate your firewood storage by constructing a tiny home for your wood pile. This way, you'll ensure that your firewood stays dry through the wet season, while allowing you to purchase larger loads of firewood at a time. Whether you build a modest open shed using recycled materials or a fully-enclosed wood shed, having a raised floor to keep wood dry and pest-free is highly recommended.

For high-quality, long-burning firewood to heat your tiny home this winter, chat with your local experienced firewood supplier for advice on the best wood for your needs.